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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Mash-ups and Blends 4 sale

Our Best of the Blends series is a popular item with people who dig real djs and their talents to create original masterpieces from 2 different songs. Choose yours below, or order our entire set at a discounted price!

$5.50 each or $50 for all Volumes 1 thru 14

Best of the Blends V1 : There will be Blood (Hip-hop Blends)
Best of the Blends V2 : Chopped, Diced & Sliced (RnB Blends)
Best of the Blends V3 : The Blueprint
Best of the Blends V4 : The Bourne DJ (aka the Return of Tape 20) (RnB Blends)
Best of the Blends V5 : Back on my Bullshit!
Best of the Blends V6 : The Hands that Rock the Tables
Best of the Blends V7 : DMX
Best of the Blends V8 : Busta Rhymes
Best of the Blends V9 : Nas
Best of the Blends V10 : Method Man
Best of the Blends V11 : Say Hi 2 the Bad Guy
Best of the Blends V12 : Outkast
Best of the Blends V13 : Tupac
Best of the Blends V14 : Back to the Old School

Volumes 1 thru 14
Volumes 1 - 11
Volumes 11 - 14

JayZ, Nas, Tupac & Biggie Smalls Remixes
$6.50 each or $90 for all 20 Series

The 4 Horsemen Vol 1 : Nas, JayZ, Tupac & Biggie
Sincerely Yours, Biggie
It Was Written, by BIG
Dr. BIG (Dr Dre beats)
The Notorious Wutang Clan
The Notorious Gangstarr
Big Blends
Tupac & Biggie : Face Off
Tupac & Dj Premier Vol1
Tupac & Dj Premier Vol2
Tupac & Dj Premier Vol3
The Fallen Soldiers Vol 1 feat Biggie, Tupac, Big Pun, Big L & ODB
JayZ : Old School HOV
JayZ & MJB : The Heart of the City
JayZ : The Black Reggae Album
The ILLmatic Blueprint : Nas & JayZ
Nas & J Dilla : Dillmatic
Nas & Sade : OneLoveDeluxe
Nas & Sade : OneLoveDeluxe 2
Mary J Dilla

All 20 Series
JayZ, Nas, Tupac & Biggie Smalls Remixes
JayZ, Nas, Tupac & Biggie Smalls Remixes

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