Djaytiger - Nas, Biggie and Jay-Z Mashups (digital download)

Nas,Biggie and Jay-Z Mashups

Includes the following mashups:

East Coast / West Coast Biggie
Biggie Meets Cypress Hill
Biggie and Tupac -Big over Pac Beats, Pac over Big Beats
Sincerely Yours, Biggie (Biggie Over Old School R&B Music)
It Was Written by Biggie (Biggie Mixed Over Nas’s It Was Written Album)
The Notorious James Brown Vol 1 & 2 (Biggie & James Brown)
The Notorious Wutang Clan (Biggie over Wu Beats Vol 1,2,3)

AZ & Nas – Blood Brothers
Nas and Pete Rock – Illmatic Soul
Nas and Pete Rock – Illmatic Soul 2
Nas and Pete Rock – Illmatic Soul 3
Nasir Mayfield – Nas & Curtis Mayfield
Sade & Nas – Onelovedeluxe
Nas & J Dilla – Dillmatic
Nas and Common – Nas Dot Com (Blends)
Nas and Rakim - The Main Ingredient

Nas and Jayz – The Illmatic Blueprint
Jayz – Old School Hov (Blended Over Old School Rnb)
Jayz – The Black Riddim Album (Mixed With Reggae Beats)

The Carters (Jay and Bey) - Bonnie & Clyde '18