William Anderson
August 24, 2020

Security Camera

Black people rising up across the country have fought for justice in a number of cities, in a number of ways. 

One of the largest protests in U.S. history was being watched by the feds – despite a complete lack of wrongdoing. Even worse? The authorities spying on us had help.

Hacked data from the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center (NCRIC) showed police departments were sharing data about Black protesters. They’ve monitored social media, tracked protests – and even helped cops break into phones!

If peaceful protest is supposed to be a right, then why is surveillance always the standard? From the Civil Rights Movement to Black Power to Ferguson to now, authorities have repeatedly admitted they spy on Black people – a LOT

Authorities say it’s about keeping us safe, but violating our privacy is NOT helping.

We have to be careful about the info we share AND how we share it, because we are definitely being watched. This shouldn’t be taken lightly. Our organizing depends on it.

Federal and local authorities work together to spy on Black people, and companies like Amazon and Microsoft help them do it. The monitoring of our community won’t stop unless we work to stop it.

We have the right to privacy!