Wu-Tang Clan Vs. D.I.T.C. by Memory Man

This virtual face-off pits two of New York's most respected and influential crews against each other in an all-out blend war. The focus is on battle rhymes and the groups' golden era material, but there's a few exceptions. The tracks alternate between Wu-Tang MC's rhyming over D.I.T.C. beats and vice versa. This mix is an attempt to illustrate how evenly matched the Wu-Tang Clan and D.I.T.C. really are/were.

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1. Da Mystery Of Soul Clappin'
2. C'mon, Fall Back Or Protect Ya Next Level
3. Breaker, Breaker, Fuck What U Heard 
4. Can I Take It Back To Daytona 500, Yes, You May 
5. Step To Criminology 
6. You Know I'm A Bad Mutha, I Spend It On Pain 
7. More Than One Way To Shimmy
8. Thick Guillotine 
9. NYC Hold Ya Head 
10. Time Ain't Nuttin' Ta Fuck Wit 
11. Release Yo Secret 
12. Capicu Bellz Work Is Neva Bad 
13. Strictly For The Uzi 
14. Size Up The 4th Chamber 
15. Flow PLO 
16. Success In Hand
17. Add On Day 
18. Return Of The Buck 50
19. Mighty One 
20. Shadow Water
21. You Can't Front On The Bizarre 
22. Put It On Incarcerated Scarfaces 
23. Brooklyn Score