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FullBlastRadio is an online radio station from NY operating in Georgia. It's primary genre is 80s/90s/Underground HipHop, NeoSoul and Old School RNB. We are also fully licensed with ASCAP to legally stream music.

Dj Tiger

Representin' Strong Island, NY home of hip hop legends Rakim, De La Soul, Public Enemy & EPMD, DJ Tiger has been puttin' it down since '88, from djing at local house parties to clubs in NYC. Tiger is the CEO of Fullblast Enterprises which distributes his mix cds, hip hop production & various other musical functions. Djed at various hip hop showcases that featured unsigned talent as well as some of today's Hip Hop artists such as DJ KaySlay, Papoose, Busta Rhymes, EPMD, Chubb Rock, Nice and Smooth, and more. Also djs for BattleZoneRadio 90.1Fm StonyBrook, NY every Tuesday night into Wednesday Morning 12 midnight to 3am) which features live interviews and performances from hip hop's legends such as Large Professor, Bumpy Knuckles, Dj MellStarr, L.O.N.S., Craig G and many many more.


Dj Spree
Dj Spree


Dj Gumba
Dj Gumba has been on the hip hop scene for years. He is the official Dj for renowned hip hop artist Keith Murray and they represent the Def Squad (which includes Erick Sermon of EPMD and Redman). Dj Gumba is recognized all along the east coast for creating some of the dopest mixtapes in Hip Hop as well as rocking crowds at some of the most popular niteclubs from NYC to The Hamptons.


Dj Big Texas


Dj J-Rob

DJ J-Rob on Instagram


Struggle comedy Fullblast Radio
The Know Good Struggle Podcast is Hosted by Radio Personality, Stand up Comedian, Former Hip Hop Artist and all Around Simpleton Justin " Struggle McDonald. It is a Comedy/Talk Podcast where we try to entertain, talk about things in the world and society, interview different types of personalities from all walks of life and general just looking to have a good time once or twice a week. Weekly podcasts are available early Tuesday mornings  and/or Friday mornings. For questions or comments hit me up at iamstrugglepodcast@gmail.com, Enjoy.


New York has always been a hive of activity in the world of Hip-Hop Culture. From the visually arresting images of graffiti art, to the oral expression of MCing. The complete landscape known as The Big Apple is where it all began.

It is also where Ralo began. First hand experience of Hip-Hop Culture would affect his life's endeavors. Ralo got his feet wet in the 90's doing extra work in some of Raps most popular music videos. In 1995 he became co-host of the world famous "Little George Show". As one-third of "The Little George Show", Ralo produced a segment known as "The Hip-Hop Study Hall". This well received portion of the show profiled Hop-Hops earliest trailblazers.

Ralo then orchestrated an arrangement that put "The Little George Show" on a global platform by way of the World Wide Web. Internet radio was in it's infancy in the 1990's, making "The Little George Show" the first on air and online Hip-Hop radio program.

Ralo went on to become an entertainment writer, doing album reviews for renowned online magazines OnTheSneakTip.com and BringTheNoise.com. He was then asked to join the Bring The Noise online radio show "The Hip-Hop spot" alongside Long Island radio legend, WildMan Steve. Ralo and Wildman Steve then made the transition to cable television and produced the "Subculture Video Show".

In 2012 Ralo joined forces with DJ Tiger to create OffTheCorner.net, an online multi-media hub for all things Hip-Hop.

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